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A Brief History

O'Reillys has been described as a dynamic forward looking company that began life when founder Bob O'Reilly started a van sales operation in Newry over 50 years ago. Today's success would not have surprised Bob because he set a firm foundation and was a true visionary.

50 years after its founding O'Reillys is still a family run business. The founder's son Derek O'Reilly is still firmly at the helm.

In 1990 O'Reillys joined the buying group Sugro UK that gives greater buying power. As a result of significant buying power O'Reilly's are in a position to offer the best possible prices to customers along with special deals and promotions negotiated with all main suppliers.

Now with a fleet of 22 delivery vehicles and a work force of over 70 employees, at O'Reilly's we look towards the future and further expansion.

Who do O'Reilly's Supply?

At O'Reillys we have an extremely diverse customer base throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our customers include:

  • CTN's
  • Convenience Stores
  • Forecourts
  • Supermarkets
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Youth Clubs
  • Off Sales
  • And many more...
“Some retailers feel that they must work under the banner of a symbol sign, however a growing number of retailers have found it more profitable to retain their independent buying power. O'Reilly's can promise the retailer the very best in prices and service, allowing retailers to know their true profit with no hidden costs.”
“As a family run business we take pride in our company and as a company we take pride in our achievements. I have always believed that our customers are entitled to the best and that is what we give.” – Derek O'Reilly

What we can do for you

As a rapidly growing company with over 5000 lines of product, we aim to meet our customers' demands both efficiently and to the highest standards. We understand the needs of your business as we have been working with the suppliers of key product lines for over 50 years. We understand that retailers are operating in an increasing tough market and without action on our behalf it would be tougher that's why we offer your business over 1000 new promotions every 3 weeks.

We pride ourselves on having a highly trained and motivated sales team who get an excellent back-up service from all other departments. Everyone here is aware that it is not only the sale is important, but also the after-sales service. We at O'Reilly's are determined that our customers receive the best possible service from all our departments.

At O'Reilly's we work as a team with each department in close communication with the other. Communication is extremely important, and because of our management structure, we can quickly respond to customer requirements.